Our Story

We were initially the Empowerment Coaching Network, cofounded by Tim Cosby and Mike McGervey in 2010 out of a desire to equip leaders with coaching conversation skills that would empower others to set goals and take responsibility for the choices they make and the actions they take. Each year, we continue to have a number of individuals come to us for professional coach certification.

In 2012, we met with the President of a local 4-year college who had recently attended our 2-day coach training event. He wanted to explore ways we could bring empowerment coaching to his campus community. We eventually trained over 170 students, faculty, and staff to coach.

As coaching spread throughout the campus, we began to discover how effectively coaching impacted underperforming students, and how that could result in increased retention. When we began in 2012, their freshman retention rate was about 62%. By the Spring of 2016, those figures had risen to 80%.

Over the past 8 years, much of our effort has been on training business leaders in Conversational Management. To complement that, we have added Conversational Selling. We are also training Empowerment Success Coaches at Northwestern Michigan College and rediscovering through them the impact that equipping coaches with the right skills can have on a student's life and on retention.

In early 2020, we converted all of our training for delivery live online.

We would be honored if the next chapter included you!

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