Create A Full Pipeline of Next Gen Leaders

55% of CEOs report that developing next gen leaders is their
#1 concern. But only 11% of HR professionals feel they have
a strong bench of emerging leaders ready.

By expanding leader development, high potential talent is identified and nurtured more effectively. That means a larger, steadier flow of next generation leaders are added to your pipeline.

Conversational Management equips your managers with the mindset and skill set that next gen leaders need most - the
ability to develop, coach, and help people.

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The Conversational Management Journey

"Management is the most important capability an organization has. The manager's job is not to manage work, but to develop, coach, and help people." - Deloitte September 2016 Review

There are nine 90-minute sessions, all delivered online using ZOOM.
The sessions can be combined and scheduled in a way that is convenient for you.

Learn and practice the
3 basic
Conversational Management Skills.

3 Sessions

Learn and practice how to help others set goals and make wise choices.

2 Sessions

Learn and practice how to give effective positive and corrective feedback.

2 Sessions

Discover your Work Behavioral Style and explore 15 Management Practices that build an engaged workforce.

2 Sessions

Practicum Sessions Included With This Training

Following the training, participants will have the opportunity to practice using the Conversational Management skills in 8 weekly online PRACTICUM Sessions, guided by a Certified Mentor Coach.

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Applied Imaging Case Study

A great way to evaluate our Conversational Management training is to read a Case Study about the impact our training is having on the managers and culture of one of our clients. On page 1 of the Case Study, there is also a link to a VIDEO version.

You can request a PDF of the Case Study below.

The beauty of Conversational Management is it's simplicity. Asking questions and listening is at the heart of this model.  We all know how to ask questions, so we start off with the ability to be successful. As you apply and practice the skills, you learn how truly powerful questions and listening can be and you begin to understand the value of talking less and listening more . . . from Day 1.

— Toni Freeland, Wolverine World Wide