Collaboration is More Than Cooperation

It is the key to unlocking maximum workplace productivity. A Stanford University study of 1,100 companies found that those organizations promoting collaboration among their employees were 5 times more likely to be high performing.

Research by Deloitte shows that businesses with a collaboration strategy among their employees were twice as likely to outgrow their competitors. That’s because their collaborating employees experienced gains in efficiency, quality of work, innovation, and overall job satisfaction.

Collaboration Happens in
Conversations, not in Meetings

Our intent is to help you create a CULTURE where collaboration is regular and deliberate. That will only happen if collaboration is baked into the process of how you do your work every day, and into the approach you take when communicating with the people around you.

This Collaboration Training is intended for
anyone and everyone in your organization


There are five 90-minute sessions which can be delivered individually or into any other format that is convenient for you. The training is delivered live online using ZOOM and includes coaching skills practice sessions. Participants will also learn how to "read" someone's Work Behavioral Style so they can discover how to improve the way they collaborate with them.


Following the training, participants will have the opportunity to practice using the 3 coaching skills in 6 weekly 1-hour online Practicum Sessions, guided by a Certified Mentor Coach. Participants will receive PRACTICUM ACCESS instructions at the end of the training.

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 about the May 7, 2024 Training

"The training and support is the very best I have seen in my years of business experience. The methodology and process produce results, and it's applied immediately once the skills training is complete. It unlocks the capable coach in all of us."

— Steve B.