Sales Calls That Rock

It's what you discover, not what you say, that will enable you to achieve sales call success.

Behavioral scientists have found that ASKING people questions about future decisions significantly influences those decisions. The moment you are asked, you cannot think of anything else.

Conversational Selling
Three 90-minute online live sessions.

During this training, you will...

Discover the number one thing that most sales professionals focus on and why it's not working.

Learn and practice 4 skills that will enable you to significantly influence your prospect's buying decisions during each sales call.

Learn how to read your prospect's Behavioral Style so you can adapt the way you interact with them to meet the uniqueness of their Style.

Practicum Sessions Included With This Training

Following the training, you will have the opportunity to practice using the 4 Conversational Selling skills in 6 weekly online PRACTICUM Sessions, guided by a Certified Coach.

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What Our Clients Have Told Us

“Over the past 30 years I've used many sales training programs, but I've never
seen anything like this. I'd like to roll this out to our entire sales team." 

J.L., CEO/Owner, Grand Rapids, MI

Conversational Selling shows your customer that you care because you take
the time to listen and understand where they're really coming from "

C.M., Sales Manager, Grand Rapids, MI